Fatal Accident with a Fast RIB – a Survivor Testifies

May 5, 2013, an entire family was catapulted from a RIB (source RYA and MAIB). The 8 m RIB, powered by a 300 hp engine, sailed at high speed with 6 people on board (2 adults and 4 children) at Camel Estuary next to Padstow in Cornwall, UK.
After the people were thrown out of the boat, the uncontrolled RIB ran over the drowning people several times.
Unfortunately, 2 people were killed and 2 seriously injured.

The engine cut-out ‘kill cord’ mechanism was not activated as it had not been attached to the driver.

The above-mentioned MAIB report once again confirms that in the event of a fatal accident, an extensive investigation follows with all possible parties involved (seller of the boat, sailing school, constructor, etc.).

This speedboat accident left Victoria Milligan coping with grief, supporting her surviving children and adjusting to life with a disability. She says: “I now tick boxes, which I could never have dreamed of: widow, trauma victim, amputee and bereaved mother.”

Her husband Nick and eight year old daughter Emily were killed and Victoria lost her left leg below the knee.

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