Cool Red Sea RIB Rally Trailer for 2008

Red Sea RIB Rally

The Red Sea Rib Rally was an breath-taking adventure that in 2007 took place in the Red Sea.

This promo fast-paced trailer for 2008 captures the excitement and thrill of this unique adventure.

The RIB rallies were an event designed for adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about action sports.

Besides RIB racing (Rigid Inflatable Bpat), participants were also challenged in other disciplines like water skiing, running, rock climbing and swimming.

This expected that participants were to be in good physical and mental shape. These rallies ones were perfectly organised by

I’ve posted more videos of RIB rallies on for you to enjoy!

Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008

This video was published on the OffShoreRibRally785 Youtube Channel.

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LOMAC Turismo 7 point 0 a Beauty on the Water

LOMAC Turismo 7 point 0

The feel-good video take you on a tour of the Rigid Inflatable Boat’s features, including its elegant design, spacious deck, and comfortable seating.

The RIB is powered by a Mercury Verado 250 hp outboard.

What immediately stands out of this LOMAC Turismo 7 point 0 is the well-designed deck layout which offers plenty of space featuring a sun deck and a convertible dining area, making it a good choice for day trips with 2 to 6 people.

LOMAC Turismo 7 point 0  a Beauty on the water @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
LOMAC Turismo 7.0 a Beauty on the water

The video showcases the boat’s excellent maneuverability and stability on the water, making it an excellent choice for cruising, watersports, or fishing.

The company states this LOMAC Turismo 7.0 is their best seller.

This video was published on the LOMAC NAUTICA YouTube channel.

More well-selected LOMAC RIB videos here.


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Impressive Learning Pass and Jump Waves Wind

How-to Pass and Jump Waves Safely

Many of us have probably been in a situation where the wind picked up and the sea was agitated; after all, you had checked the weather and sea conditions beforehand. There are a lot of good apps for that, by the way.

This video by “OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée” shows a training session for advanced boat handling techniques in challenging seas.

The session took place in the Raz de Sein area of Brittany, France, and features a Ribcraft RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with a single outboard.

he training includes techniques such as passage through waves and jumping over them, with the instructor demonstrating and providing guidance.

You should definitely watch this video as well.

The video was published on the OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée YouTube channel.

Learning Pass and Jump Waves Wind Force 5 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Learning Pass and Jump Waves

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Single Outboard Joystick Control Demonstration

A Single Outboard Joystick Control System

The Yamaha single outboard joystick control makes boating easier and more fun.

This advanced technology, not new and mainly used on multiple outboard installations, makes the experience of docking much smoother and enjoyable.

The video demonstrates how easy and intuitive boat manoeuvring at low speeds can be with this system.

Single Outboard Joystick Control  System@ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The Joystick next to the wheel

Thanks to this joystick, the captain can easily change the boat’s direction and speed with ease. This eliminates the need for extensive steering systems and makes docking even in challenging weather simpler.

It is suitable for both experienced and novice boaters making it more accessible to more people.

Pros and Cons

I know that many RIBbers swear by pure manoeuvring with the throttle and wheel and therefore don’t like this system very much.

It comes down to practicing the right skills. Some say it’s even useless with a single outboard installation.

For newcomers however who can afford this expensive “accessory”, it is a pleasant and easier way to dock.

But make no mistake, it needs a lot of practicing as well to build experience in different weather and water conditions.

This single outboard joystick control is not a panacea.

Here’s a short video of a captain demonstrating the joystick system on a twin Suzuki installation outboard and in this video you get an excellent drone view on docking with that system.

This video was published on the Ribeye YouTube channel.

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Discover the Marshall RIBs Suzuki Powered

Marshall RIBs

This is a promotional video for the Marshall RIBs line powered by Suzuki outboard engines.

The video showcases the various features of the Marshall RIBs, including their inflatable pontoons, deep-V hulls, and spacious decks.

It gives a glimpse of the various Rigid Inflatable Boats models in action like gliding through gentle waters and creating a picture-perfect moment.

In addition to showcasing the boats themselves, the video also highlights the partnership between Italian RIB brand and Suzuki, emphasizing the synergy between the two brands and the quality of their products.

I’ve collected more videos of this brand here on

Discover the Marshall RIBs Suzuki Powered @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Discover the Marshall RIBs Suzuki Powered

The Suzuki ARI outboards are equipped with a sophisticated, highly durable timing chain instead of a rubber belt and it also has an advanced Self Adjusting Timing Chain system to make sure the chain is always well-lubricated and pre-tensioned – independent of the engine.

This video was published on the Youtube Suzuki Marine Italia channel. It is in Italian but you can use the caption option to translate in your own language.

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