Awesome RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo

RIB Rally Bahamas 2011

Get a glimpse of the exciting RIB Rally event in Bahamas from 2011.

Watch the fast-paced video to experience all the amazing things that happened at this awesome event!

And yes, there is also a women’s team participating.

It’s in Duch but you can use the YouTube subtitling tool set in your own language.

This video is absolutely fun to watch and is fantastically edited to make this Rib Rally event look like the most fun and thrilling experience for all those who love boating and exploring!

And it is!

And if you want to see more RIB Rally adventures videos, click here.

RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo

This video was published on the OffShoreRibRally785 YouTube channel.

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Cool Red Sea RIB Rally Trailer for 2008

Red Sea RIB Rally

The Red Sea Rib Rally was an breath-taking adventure that in 2007 took place in the Red Sea.

This promo fast-paced trailer for 2008 captures the excitement and thrill of this unique adventure.

The RIB rallies were an event designed for adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about action sports.

Besides RIB racing (Rigid Inflatable Bpat), participants were also challenged in other disciplines like water skiing, running, rock climbing and swimming.

This expected that participants were to be in good physical and mental shape. These rallies ones were perfectly organised by

I’ve posted more videos of RIB rallies on for you to enjoy!

Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008

This video was published on the OffShoreRibRally785 Youtube Channel.

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Remarkable Zodiac Club Invitation May and June 2023

Third Zodiac Club Invitation

This year, the Zodiac and Bombard Club does it again for the third time. Watch the video of their first and second event.

The club is giving you the opportunity to create lasting memories in Marseille (F) on Saturday 27 May and also Arzon (F) on Saturday 17 June.

On the programme: breakfast, a day at sea, lunch and aperitif.

You can learn more about the Zodiac products that are available and exchange ideas with like-minded people.


There is a limited number of places for these events. The deadline to subscribe is April 30th 2023. Do it here.

Zodiac Club Invitation May and June 2023 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Zodiac Club Invitation May and June 2023
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Club del Gommone Magnificent Winter RIB Run

On 9 February 2023, members of the Club del Gommone held a winter RIB run on the beautiful Lake Como in Italy to open the season.

This 52nd edition of the Invernale started this year from Vercurago at the Cantiere Bolis on Lake Garlate.

After leaving the boatyard, the group sailed north to exit Lake Garlate and, after a short stretch of the River Adda, entered Lake Como just in front of the city of Lecco.

From there, they went up the lake for about fifteen miles, passing Abbadia Lariana, Mandello, and heading for Punta Spartivento di Bellagio, recognizable by the cliff that separates the lake into two branches.

Near the cliff, as is tradition, they toasted with an auspicious aperitif to start the season.

Invernale 2023 Club del Gommone @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
“Invernale 2023 Club del Gommone”

After the aperitif in the water, they returned to Vercurago (around 14:00-14:30) for an additional aperitif, which by then will have become a snack, at the Bar Restaurant ‘Il Molo’ opposite the boatyard for the 2022 edition.

There was no participation fee.

As a good organiser some agreements were made:

  • On Lake Garlate, you may not exceed a speed of 10 knots.
  • Under the bridges along the stretch of river connecting the two lakes, you must not exceed 5 knots
  • On Lake Como, you cannot exceed 22 knots.
  • The boatyard has fuel.
  • Navigation communications channel 73.

Their other RIB Raids are impressive as well.

About Club del Gommone

The Club del Gommone is an association of pneumatic boat owners founded in Milan in 1970 with the aim of gathering all nautical pleasure enthusiasts and promoting nautical tourism. The Club organizes gatherings, raids, and competitions, and is non-profit and apolitical. The Club is known for its organization and educational initiatives, making it one of the most respected nautical clubs.

Where they are
Currently due to renovations, the temporary headquarters are at the Centro Pavesi Via Francesco De Lemene 3 Milan.
We meet two Wednesdays a month from 21:30 to 24:00

On the Web

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Sporty Costa Rica RIB Raid First News 2024

Alexis Del Sale is one of the organizers and he disclosed already some of the Costa Rica RIB Raid first news to RIBs ONLY.

Only 20 teams of 4 will be able to sign up. So 80 competitors in total.

All RIBs and gear are provided by the Organization and the entire logistics and food and beverage for the event is also included in the signup fee.

They’ll be using 7 m RIBs powered by 250 hp engines.

More news is to come.

Meantime check out this high-paced video of the Rubson Raid Turquoise.

Costa Rica RIB Raid First News island @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Costa Rica RIB Raid First News island
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