Rafnar Hellas – Sea Legends 2022 Party

Thursday June 30 2022 was a day of celebration for Rafnar Hellas in Greece.

Before reading, check out the other partners of this Icelandic ‘Built for rough conditions’ RIB brand. And follow this link to see many videos here on RIBs ONLY.

Back to Greece and check out the images below.

“From early in the morning at the Olympic Marine of Lavrio, we honored the revolutionary RAFNAR 1200 in all its versions, with the powerful Yamaha outboard engines, but of course also the people and companies who made with their love and support, another LEGENDS event reality.

Rafnar Sea Legends 2022 Party @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Rafnar 1200 on display

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts: Nikolas Skaros, Ileana Skarfi, and the whole amazing Yamaha team. We match like RAFNAR boats match Yamaha engines.

Aris Moira, and the immovable team of SIXT. Without you we are not going anywhere!

Elpida Filippidou and the legendary team of the legendary Porsche brand. First time with us, but we hope you came to stay!

Yiannis and George Bothos, and the luxury ethical brand KIMISOO. We could write whole sheets about you but we’ll just say this… we love you! Konstantinos Kapniaris and Bacardi. The night is ours, and the party starts thanks to you. Your love moves us, and rocks us!

Rafnar Hellas Sea Legends 2022 Party@ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
A white Rafnar at full throttle

Dimitris Mardanis and the incredible team at More Life Distribution who were with us again with Smith Optics. We see it now clearly, that we cannot be apart!

Fany Valsamidis, Nick Ferras, and the globally awarded KUDU Coffee. A bad day with your favorite coffee is better than a good day without it!

Konstantinos Palaiologos, and the Official Apparel Partner of RAFNAR Hellas, Helly Hansen. You are literally keeping us alive at sea. We can’t live without you!

Also with us for the first time was 7764 Marine with Seadek’s premier non-slip boat floor. We thank Themis Tsovilis for the support, and the protection from slips!

On the decks, as always, the favorite producers of Best 92.6, Anna Anastasiou and Giorgos Seragos, and of course our biggest fan, the absolute Maggie Charalambidou, were present!

Special thanks to Vassilis Priftis and the Olympic Marine team, to Mr. Yiannis Komnos of TRIM S.A. official representative of THULE, Maira Passia and the Motodynamics Group, Konstantinos Sofroni and the Bully Bar team, and of course Gerasimos Gerolimatos and his beloved Skipper OnDeck team.

Rafnar Hellas Sea Legends 2022 Party @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
A great Rafnar onboard action shot

Last but not least, we thank our dear friend and partner Angelos Kollios of Euroline, the unique creative director of RAFNAR Hellas Antonis Theodorakis, and of course the entire amazing team of RAFNAR Hellas who is working hard to make this legendary day a reality!

Shout out to the hosts of the event, Vasilis Sarimbalidis and Dafni Karavokyri!

LEGENDS will be back bigger and better.

Onward and upward!”

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