Impressive SuperRIB 30 How It’s Made

SuperRIB 30 Carbon Version Deep Dive

Croatia’s SuperRIB production site is renowned for crafting exclusive, custom-made Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) with a focus on superior quality and performance.

The video is built around an interview with Andelko Lemo, Project Manager superRIB and member of RIBs ONLY.

They emphasize uniqueness and meticulous attention to detail over mass production, creating high-class vessels akin to luxury cars.

Notable features include solid decks, integrated plastic tubes for easy repairs, hidden anchors, and versatile deck configurations.

Impressive SuperRIB 30 How Its Made @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Impressive SuperRIB 30 How Its Made

The RIBs offer an exceptional driving experience with a well-designed cockpit, foldable seats, and added amenities.

The use of carbon fiber lowers the center of gravity.

I’ve choosen and published more videos here about the SuperRIBs.

This video was published on THE BOAT SHOW YouTube channel

Is the SuperRIB Open 27 the Future?

SuperRIB Open 27 Rather Innovative?

The video is again a job well done!

But I’m going to be honest. Whenever I read such a statement, in this case the “RIB of the future?”, I am more sceptical than usual.

Maybe you feel that way too because what is the future and how do you predict it?

Perhaps it’s a somewhat unfortunate choice of words and probably one to name as a differentiator from the competition for this SuperRIB Open 27.

I prefer to stick to “innovative” like, for instance, the new Mercury 600 V12.

I recently had the opportunity to experience this technology on a twin installation on a massive Technohull Omega 47. It’s really something else. More on that in a forthcoming article.

Innovation can take place in several areas and these are not necessarily immediately apparent from the product.

I am referring, for example, to innovative processes during the building process of a RIB. Or the material used such as, DANU™, a 100% recyclable replacement for glass fibre.

By the way, DANU is already being used by Ultimate Boats which I witnessed last month in Glasgow, Scotland. That’s something to look forward to in my opinion.

Of course the SuperRIB Open 27 looks good and it seems to behave well (on a flat sea in the video). The video is informative and gives you a good first impression.

And as far I can see, a job well done by the Croatian based SuperRIB shipyard.

Is the SuperRIB Open 27 the Future drone @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The SuperRIB Open 27 drone view

But often it comes down to the same thing: comfort on board with the necessary “facilities” is the only thing that seems to count.

Too often that is the main selling point from the dealer especially for potential customers new to the boating world. Stating that the customer is not interested in more technical stuff is underestimating him.

I cannot stress enough that the hull is the most important part of any RIB, any boat and has to meet your expectations as good as possible. See here how the Gemini WR880 hull is being build.

In the responses of my anonymous survey on how long a RIB lasts (take it as well if you want),

I’ve sadly had to read disappointments about the RIB bought like “It was not what I expected it to be” and “I wouldn’t recommend it” and “No, I will not buy it again”

The reasons for this expensive bummer can be many things of course. But somewhere on the line information was not clearly specified enough by the customer or the dealer.

Every naval architect will tell you that every hull has its own purpose. Therefore in advance define your purpose very clear.

And so is the hull of this SuperRIB Open 27.

Need some guidance on this matter, this article will certainly help you: How to Buy a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) in 10 Thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong because the level of comfort might or will also be one of the deciding parameters for purchase.

The search for comfort on board is not a bad thing at all but you might have a different need on that than me, you see.

So, I woud really like to see the future of RIBs but until I have tied up a trustworthy future forecaster, I remain sceptical.



superRIB 30 Carbon Open 62 Knots Awesome Testing

A day of prop testing on a Croatian built superRIB 30 carbon open. The RIB is built using a vacuum infused carbon hull. With twin 450R Mercury outboards they reached 62 knots. Look at that digital speed gauge going…

The hull was created by the well-known Croatian naval architect Srđan Đaković, who has super yachts, sail and traditional boats in his portfolio.

I’ve published earlier here a video of the cabin GRP version of this model and also its litle sister.

With an HD racing carbon hull, they can mount up to 900 hp in a twin-engine configuration, allowing the Rigid Inflatable Boat to reach speeds above 65 knots.

superRIB 30 cabin specs @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Cabin specs

The SuperRib 27 Open – New and Impressive

This video presents you a walkthrough of the SuperRib 27 Open RIB, an all new maxi Rigid Inflatable Boat at Düsseldorf 2023. You can active subtitels on this video.

The company offers 3 models at this moment. and the 27 is the smaller version of the Open 30 and Cabin 30.

What is immediately noticeable is that the entire nose is built in fibreglass as is the carbon “Y” supporting the large T-top.

The Croatian based company gives little specifications of this SuperRib 27 Open.

These I found already on their website: length is 8.35 meters, 2.95 meters wide and a weight of 2 tons. The 30 Open weighs about 300 kg more and the 30 Cabin 600 kg.

The maximum power is 450 hp and the manufacturer advices to use a single engine.

I’ve published earlier a test of the bigger sister the SuperRib 30 Cabin.