SuperRib 30 Carbon Open 62 Knots Awesome Testing

The SuperRib 30 in Action

A day of prop testing on a Croatian built SuperRib 30 carbon open. The RIB is built using a vacuum infused carbon hull. With twin 450R Mercury outboards they reached 62 knots. Look at that digital speed gauge going…

The hull was created by the well-known Croatian naval architect Srđan Đaković, who has super yachts, sail and traditional boats in his portfolio.

I’ve published earlier here a video of the cabin GRP version of this model and also its litle sister.

With an HD racing carbon hull, they can mount up to 900 hp in a twin-engine configuration, allowing the Rigid Inflatable Boat to reach speeds above 65 knots.


superRIB 30 cabin specs @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

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