The SuperRib 27 Open – New and Impressive

An Interesting SuperRib 27 Open

This video presents you a walkthrough of the SuperRib 27 Open RIB, an all new maxi Rigid Inflatable Boat at Düsseldorf 2023. You can active subtitels on this video.

The company offers 3 models at this moment. and the 27 is the smaller version of the Open 30 and Cabin 30.

What is immediately noticeable is that the entire nose is built in fibreglass as is the carbon “Y” supporting the large T-top.

The Croatian based company gives little specifications of this SuperRib 27 Open.

These I found already on their website: length is 8.35 meters, 2.95 meters wide and a weight of 2 tons. The 30 Open weighs about 300 kg more and the 30 Cabin 600 kg.

The maximum power is 450 hp and the manufacturer advices to use a single engine.

I’ve published earlier a test of the bigger sister the SuperRib 30 Cabin.

This video was published on THE BOAT SHOW YouTube channel.

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