GALA Viking V650 RIB Showcase

The Presentation of the GALA Viking V650 RIB

The analysis of the GALA Viking v650, as depicted in the provided video, presents its adaptability for diverse maritime roles, including professional, recreational, and military applications such as surveillance and rescue operations.

The emphasis of the reporter lies on its design aimed at enhancing performance through features like extended hull flaps for improved lift and weight distribution.

Constructed from durable Oceanic aluminum, it ensures stability and environmental sustainability due to its recyclable nature.

The examination highlights the practical cockpit layout, offering comfortable seating, ample storage, and a functional piloting station.

Moreover, it discusses the boat’s manoeuvrability, particularly its smooth wave passage and ease of handling, particularly useful for fishing (more Gala videos for you to enjoy).

Additionally, the review notes its commendable speed capabilities, facilitated by a 150 horsepower Mercury engine, surpassing 40 knots, underscoring its reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

This video of this Viking V650 RIB was published on GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.


GALA Viking V650 RIB Review @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
© GALA – Viking V650 RIB Review
Length overall650 cm / 21’ 4″
Length inside540 cm / 17’ 9″
Width overall250 cm / 8’ 2″
Width inside130 cm / 4’ 3″
Tube Diameter60 cm / 24″
Bare boat weight525 kg / 1,155 lbs
Loading capacity1,800 kg / 3,960 lbs
Passenger capacity14
Number of chambers5
Engine recommended150 hp
Engine MAX175 hp
Engine weight MAX300 kg / 660 lbs
Engine shaft lengthV650 : 25″ / V650F : 20″
Aluminum hull thickness4 mm / 1/6″
Boat design categoryC

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