2012-2017 Press RIB Race Photos

Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet
Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet

Press Photography – RIB Race Photos

I inherited my passion for photography from my father and he from his father. I still have my grandfather’s bellows camera with glass plates. What a revolution has been made since then.

At the age of 21 I received my first Japanese Nikon reflex camera. I’ve never left the brand to my great satisfaction.

Since then there was no stopping it.

In addition to my mountain and kiting experience and other hobbies, I started to focus on boats. I fell also under the spell of power boating. For many years I was involved in that amazing world of speed on the water and got press photos delivered.

RIBs have been my passion for a long time and the RIB races got my attention more and more.

On this page you see some of my RIB race photos that have appeared in the press.

I hope you can enjoy it!

This slideshow and all its photos by Karel Overlaet – Medianaut is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0