Full Carbon Fiber Built: Jaw-Dropping Anvera 58

In-House Carbon Fiber Production

Based in Italy, LG-YACHT manufactures the renowned Anvera boats, catering to the affluent clientele.

The incorporation of carbon fiber enhances the lightweight construction of these boats, enabling the attainment of remarkable weight-to-power ratios even with smaller engines.

This not only lowers fuel consumption but also diminishes CO2 emissions.

All carbon fiber is manufactured in-house.

The video provides an overview without delving into specific details, presenting this flagship mega Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) from an aerial perspective.

They currently offer four distinct models. See this video to get a full tour of the customised little sister: Anvera 48.

You can find more videos of this luxury brand here in this blog.

This video was published on the Anvera Yacht YouTube channel.

Credits: Federico Amadelli


Full Carbon Fiber Built- Jaw-Dropping Anvera 58 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Full Carbon Fiber Built- Jaw-Dropping Anvera 58
Overall length17.5 m / 57 ft 41 in
Waterline length15.5 m / 50.85 ft
HT max. moulded depth3.67 m / 12.04 ft
Maximum width5.12 m / 16.79 ft
Width with open doors5.80 m / 19.02 ft
Tube diameter (max. – min.)0.8 – 0.57 m / 2 ft 62 in – 1 ft 87 in
Draft (standard)1.1 m / 3.6 ft 4 in
Displacement unladen (standard equipment)11.5 tons / 25,353 lbs
Full load displacement (standard)14,2 tons / 31,305 lbs
Fuel tank capacity1,600 l / 422 US gallon
Water tank capacity400 l / 105 US gallons
Engines (standard)2 x 650 hp
Propulsion (standard)Top System Surface Drive TS 50
Maximum number of people on board16
CategoryCEE – B

About Anvera (LG Srl)

Established in 2002, LG Srl draws upon extensive industry expertise gained through years of employment at top companies and the study of cutting-edge technologies in sports competitions.

Luca Ferrari, Giancarlo Galeone, and Gilberto Grassi combined their experiences to create something innovative—giving rise to Anvera, born out of a passion for the sea and a wealth of knowledge.

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