Impressive Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout

Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout Look

The big RIBCRAFT PRO Open is a type of rigid inflatable boat (RIB) manufactured by RIBCRAFT, a leading manufacturer of professional grade RIBs for commercial, government, and recreational use.

This British built Rigid Inflatable Boat is designed for professional and commercial applications, such as patrol and enforcement, search and rescue, and other maritime operations.

The “Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout” refers to the boat’s deck layout, which is open and flexible, allowing for various configurations based on the specific needs of the operator.

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Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout Shot

The RIB has a length of 12.5 meters (41 feet) and a beam (width) of 3.8 meters (12.5 feet), providing ample space for equipment, crew, and passengers.

The crew has professional Ullman Dynamic seats, global market leader in mitigation seats.

It features also a deep V-hull design, providing the needed seakeeping capabilities, stability, and performance even in rough conditions.

The boat is powered by twin outboard engines, here powerful Suzukis 325 are being used.

The RIBCRAFT 12.5 PRO Open can be customised with various optional features and equipment, including navigation and communication systems, seating arrangements, storage options, towing bollards, and other accessories, depending on the intended use and requirements of the operator.

Overall, the RIBCRAFT 12.5 PRO Open is a versatile and rugged RIB designed for professional use, offering a flexible deck layout and high-performance capabilities for a wide range of maritime applications.

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