Rough Icelandic Sea in The Comforts of a Rafnar 1100 Professional RIB

The Rafnar 1100 Professional RIB in Action

A day out last winter, RVK forecast was: -7° Celsius and snowing, sunrise at 11:00, sunset at 15:30.

There is nothing quite like the Icelandic winter. Often reminiscent of the Icelandic summer, the choice to live and work here is rarely taken because of our sunny beaches.

Life here has adapted to strong winds, unpredictable weather and the occasional summer snow.

Just like the other inhabitants of this island, Rafnar adapted and made the best out of it.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so through more than a decade of R&D, Rafnar has created a boat that is built for the worst conditions and because of that, is ideal for all conditions.

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