RIB Zodiac Milpro™ SRA-750

The Zodiac Milpro™ SRA-750 belongs to the new range Zodiac Milpro’s™ SEA RIB™ ALUMINUM (SRA), built for demanding professional users and designed to be strong and reliable.

Thanks to the experience acquired with SEA RIB™ RESPONDERS™ and the aluminum hull building in accordance with it’s customers needs, Zodiac Milpro™ has developed the SRA range to be strong, efficient and modular.

The aluminum hull is capable to face the hardest sea conditions and the inflatable D-shape collar technology increases significantly the usable deck area.

The new Zodiac Milpro’s™ SRA range is fully versatile and benefits from many deck configuration and options thanks to the deck tracks technology, allowing rapid reconfiguration to suit every mission.

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