Zodiac X10CC Official Reveal 2024

The All New Zodiac X10CC

A 10-meter center console Rigid Inflatable Boat combining the advantages and characteristics of RIBs and rigid boats. It can have up to 20 people on board.

This video shows the renderings of this new model by Zodiac.

Though I like the looks of this Zodiac X10CC, I find myself pondering the authenticity of this vessel’s classification as a true RIB.

Its design appears notably distinct from their other RIB models.

They assert that equipped with 2 x 400 hp Mercury outboards, it boasts a consumption rate of merely 3 liters per nautical mile.

Yet, as it’s often the case, critical parameters remain undisclosed, leaving room for scrutiny regarding the veracity of this claim.

The weight/power ratio means it consumes 30% less fuel than a rigid boat of the same size.

Its 760-liter fuel tank gives it a range of around 250 nautical miles.

On their site I found these prices (April 2024):
Starting price is € 139 000.
Equipped and motorized: € 281 278 ex VAT, including the hard-top and several options, 2 engines Mercury 300 hp outboards and joystick (without freight cost).

This video was published on the Zodiac Nautic YouTube channel

Specs and Rendering

Zodiac X10CC Official Reveal 2024 side view @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Zodiac X10CC Official Reveal 2024 side view
  • 9.99 m length
  • 3.80 m beam
  • 3,500 kg weight
  • 2 x 450 hp max. power
  • 760 l fuel tank
  • 20 persons max


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