NorthStar RIBs – CNR Avrasya Boat Show 2020

The Northstar Story

The brand, part of Marintek Group, specialises in RIBs since 2002, evolving into a RIB-exclusive brand in 2008.

Divided into Recreational and Special Products, they craft a range from 3.1m to 12m.

With in-house naval architects and collaborations with top designers, they utilize advanced composite techniques, producing globally distributed, innovative RIBs for 20 years.

Their Special Products unit caters to professional and military needs.

I’ve posted a lot of well-selected videos for you to enjoy.

The video was published on the NorthStar RIBs YouTUbe channel.

NorthStar RIBs - CNR Avrasya Boat Show 2020 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

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