RING 1050 PRO Tourism RIB

The Ring Powercraft range of Tactical Boats is designed to accommodate all defence functions, including high speed missions for patrol, evacuation, interception or interdiction.

There is a choice of forward or aft console, additional command console, multiple seating configurations and numerous working space/ equipment mounting/ tech options.

The RIB can also be built to meet envelope/ delivery requirements for land, air or sea transportation.

Ring RIB Vampire – Rapid Deployment Transporter

Ring has teamed with top tier marine companies to deliver a high performance transport platform with the ability to meet multiple operational requirements.

The open aft deck with quick release track mounting system facilitates deployment and recovery of everything from Drones to Quad Bikes.

For more information on Vampire and the Ring Powercraft range of Sports Boats and RIBs please visit www.ringpowercraft.co.uk or contact enquiries@ringpowercraft.co.uk

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