Discover the Marshall RIBs Suzuki Powered

Marshall RIBs

This is a promotional video for the Marshall RIBs line powered by Suzuki outboard engines.

The video showcases the various features of the Marshall RIBs, including their inflatable pontoons, deep-V hulls, and spacious decks.

It gives a glimpse of the various Rigid Inflatable Boats models in action like gliding through gentle waters and creating a picture-perfect moment.

In addition to showcasing the boats themselves, the video also highlights the partnership between Italian RIB brand and Suzuki, emphasizing the synergy between the two brands and the quality of their products.

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Marshall m4 Suzuki Powered DF40A Ari

The Suzuki DF40A Ari on this Marshall m4 offers 42% more forward thrust and is 12% more efficient. This outboard uses a timing chain instead of a rubber belt.

DF40A vs DF40A ARI

Compared to the classic DF40A, the DF40A ARI delivers 42% more forward thrust, improving outboard acceleration efficiency by 12%.

The thermal unit of this Suzuki 4-stroke outboard comes from the DF60AV and takes up 943 cc on its cubature, with three cylinders in a row, which makes it lighter and more compact.


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