Suzuki DF40A and DF40A ARI Without Licence in Italy

Without Licence … Really?

According to Suzuki when navigating with the outboard motors DF40A or DF40A ARI there is need for a boating licence.

Reading this my initial reaction was some suspicion so I did research. This is what I’ve found:

Art. 39 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree nr. 171/2005 provides that a boating license for pleasure crafts with a length not exceeding twenty-four meters is mandatory in the following cases, in relation to the navigation actually carried out

a) for navigation over six miles from the coast, or in any case on water motors;

b) for inland navigation or navigation in the maritime waters within six miles from the coast, when on board a motor is installed with a cylinder capacity exceeding 750 cc if two-stroke carbureted, or 1,000 cc if outboard four-stroke carbureted, or at direct injection, or if 1,300 cc if inboard four-stroke carbureted, or 2,000 cc if diesel cycled, however, with a power exceeding 30 KW or 40.8 cv.

Whoever takes command of a pleasure craft longer than twenty-four metres, must be in possession of a license for pleasure boating.


So yes, using these engines can be done without licence in Italy.

Suzuki DF40A and DF40A ARI Without Licence in Italy @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Suzuki DF40A and DF40A ARI without licence

The video was published on the Suzuki Marine Italia YouTube channel.

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