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The Story

“In June 1969 a group of dinghy sailing enthusiasts organized the non-competitive descent of the Po, from Pavia to Venice.

The enthusiasm of that experience saw them, in January of the following year, founders of the “inflatable boat club” in Milan.

First in Italy, our association today has around 150 members, all, with rare exceptions, active dinghy owners. The headquarters have always been in Milan, but there are members throughout Italy.

Affiliated to the Italian Powerboat Federation since 1971, the club has given itself a Statute and Regulations which define the methods of participation and the objectives to be achieved

Objectives that are well described in the purposes that our founders wanted to delegate to us.


The Gommone Club, founded in Milan in 1970, is an association of owners of inflatable boats created with the aim of bringing together all sports enthusiasts who are passionate about nautical pleasure and in particular the pneumatic solution, who will find, within the Club, friends with whom to share all the satisfaction and enthusiasm that nautical tourism can give.

The Club’s primary aim is the planning and implementation of rallies, raids and nautical camping on lakes, along rivers and at sea. Rallies which always have a strong tourist focus and which do not require any particular skill or preparation on the part of the participating crews other than the normal scruple of the efficiency of their vehicles. Furthermore, to satisfy the needs of the more sporty, the Club organizes and promotes competitions and skill tests.

Non-profit, apolitical, the Club bases its strength only on the number and passion of its Members. These and numerous other initiatives make the Dinghy Club one of the most organised and educational Nautical Clubs.”