Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser RIB Triple Mercury

BIG RIBs Nothing New

Many years ago we only saw large RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) from Heaven (80 ft), Opera (60 ft) and Zodiac with its famous Amphitrite (60 ft) for Jacques Cousteau.

Nowadays 35-footers and much bigger no longer are exceptions. Many RIB designers and builders design more and more big hulls.

Ranieri Cayman 45

The largest RIB ever built by the Ranieri shipyard, is this 14 meter Rigid Inflatable Boat called Cayman 45.0 Cruiser.

The triple rig of Mercury 450 Racing’s puts out some immense 1,350 horsepower that all need to drink. The steerings comes with the joystick system and Active Trim.

The carbon hard-top on this Ranieri Cayman 45 comes standard.

There is plenty of room to sleep with these nice bedrooms: there are two separate areas for four people in total, plus a toilet compartment with a shower.


Length13.90 m / 45′ 6”
Beam4.20 m / 13′ 84”
Tubes diameter0.65 m / 2′ 13”
Tubes compartments10
Weight9,500 kg / 20,943 lbs
Horsepower900 to 1,450 hp
Engine shaftXXL
Fuel tank1,450 l / 383 gal
Water tank200 l / 53 gal
Category CEB

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