SeaQuest 10 Open Twin Mercury 225 V6 Engines

SeaQuest 10 Open Means Business

A great video of the Seaquest 10 m Open RIB powered by 450 hp: no hassles, just push that throttle!

I’m sure many of us here can appreciate these kind of videos. From my point of view, it’s an instant good feeling right from the start.

Boat & Fishing in Greece

The video is part of the Boat & Fishing in Greece magazine, co-founded by Γιώργος Πολυχρονίου (George Polychroniou), a well-known passionate Greek journalist and member of RIBs ONLY.

In this Seaquest video, he’s wearing the blue life jacket.

By the way, no need to say that this video is very well created. Action packed, several vantage points and never a dull moment showing off this 10 m Greek built Rigid Inflatable Boat.

With limited equipment, your smartphone, you can also create a top video. Just follow these 5 tips and let me know.

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