Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure

The Start of a Daring Adventure

Beginning in Palermo (Marina Arenella), Italy, Sergio Davì embarked on a daring ocean-to-ocean rib adventure, charting a course that spanned vast expanses of the open sea.

With unwavering determination, he navigated tumultuous waters, embracing the challenge of traversing oceans within a rib, a testament to both his skill and the durability of his Rigid Inflatable Boat (Nuova Jolly).

Facing the unpredictable elements, Davì’s journey unfolded as an epic tale of resilience and exploration.

From the boundless horizons of one ocean to the majestic beauty of another, his rib adventure became a captivating narrative of human spirit conquering the forces of nature.

Sergio Davì’s daring odyssey (and the other ones) not only showcased the vastness and allure of the world’s oceans but also underscored the indomitable spirit of those who dare to navigate them.

This video was published on the Sergio Davì Adventures YouTube channel.

Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Extra fuel on the fore deck and also behind the driver

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