Cool Red Sea RIB Rally Trailer for 2008

Red Sea RIB Rally

The Red Sea Rib Rally was an breath-taking adventure that in 2007 took place in the Red Sea.

This promo fast-paced trailer for 2008 captures the excitement and thrill of this unique adventure.

The RIB rallies were an event designed for adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about action sports.

Besides RIB racing (Rigid Inflatable Bpat), participants were also challenged in other disciplines like water skiing, running, rock climbing and swimming.

This expected that participants were to be in good physical and mental shape. These rallies ones were perfectly organised by

I’ve posted more videos of RIB rallies on for you to enjoy!

Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Red Sea RIB Rally Fantastic Trailer for 2008

This video was published on the OffShoreRibRally785 Youtube Channel.

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