Big Ribco Venom 34 Boat Ride by e-Ribbing

Amazing Ribco Venom 34

This Greek built Ribco Venom 34 is powered by no less than a twin Mercury 4.6L 300 hp Verados outboards.

This ride was performed by our Greek friends of e-Ribbing. Pay them a visit. You won’t regret it.

Thank you, guys for putting a short but ferm focus on the safety measures on board in the beginning of the video. That’s what we like to see more.

The perfect boat for one individual may not be ideal for another, but with careful consideration of needs and desires, every boat can find their ideal owner who will make the most out of it. Check our my article of what to think about before buying a RIB.

The Ribco Venom 34 with its offshore hull is the smaller Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) of the Venom 44 and is now the smallest boat in this range.



Ribco Seafarer 36X Twin Mercury 5.7 l V10 400 hp

This is by the way the very first pan-European sea trial of the new Mercury V10 400 hp Verado done by our Greek friends at e-Ribbing.

Ribco Seafarer 36X’s Family

The brand is into the bigger RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) market with lengths staring from 10 meters as you can see in these videos here on RIBs ONLY.

The T-top of this Ribco Seafarer 36X boat is made entirely out of carbon.

Ribco uses the renowned Scorpion hulls who have a proven record. A very good choice.

Thank you for the engine sound at 01:26.

About Ribco

In 1994 Ribco was born by Stelios Ladopoulos and Valerianos Nikas. Their passion for perfection and their love for the sea was part of the inspiration. Their dream was to produce the best RIB boats in the market. Excellent quality in every aspect, great sea keeping characteristics combined with bulletproof construction.

Playful Fast Ribco 100 G2 X RIB Twin DF300AP Suzuki

Ribco 100 G2 X

The video, produced by our Greek friends at showcases the high-performance Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) equipped with twin DF300AP Suzuki engines.

A thrilling ride as the RIB speeds through the ocean at a high speed, showing off its excellent manoeuvrability and stability.

Throughout the video, the visuals and upbeat music kept me engaged.

It is an excellent video for anyone interested in high-performance RIBs or looking for a thrilling day out on the water.

More Ribco videos on here

Ribco 100 G2 X RIB Twin DF300AP Suzuki @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Ribco 100 G2 X RIB Twin DF300AP Suzuki footage by

The video was published on the YouTube channel.

Amazing Ribco Venom 39 Twin 450 Mercury Racing

Remarkable Ribco Venom 39

This Greek Athens based RIB builder, Ribco Marine, uses the very efficiënt Scorpion offshore hulls. Indeed a very good platform.

Ribco Marine, a RIB builder situated in Greece, employs the highly efficient Scorpion offshore hulls, establishing it as a commendable platform for their watercraft.

The RIB’s design is truly exquisite. Currently, the company specializes in crafting substantial RIBs, including the Venom series with models 34, 39, 44, and the Seafarer series with models 33 and 36X.

This video was published on the ribco marine YouTube channel.

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