Ribco Seafarer 36X Twin Mercury 5.7 l V10 400 hp

The T-Top of the Ribco Seafarer 36X which is made entirely of carbon. This is by the way the very first pan-European sea trial of the new Mercury V10 400 hp Verado done by our Greek friends at e-Ribbing.

There into the bigger RIBs market with lengths staring from 10 meters as you can see in these videos here on RIBs ONLY.

Ribco uses the renowned Scorpion hulls who have a proven record. A very good choice.

Thank you for the engine sound at 01:26.

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From our Greek Friends … keep Ribbing!

E-Ribbing is an international website with significant and timeless themes that focuses exclusively on the rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) and anything related to them, such as articles on outboard engines and propellers, equipment and proper boat set-ups, RIB tests and of course trips.

The team at E-Ribbing is made up of highly regarded personalities within the marine field and nautical press from Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of whom are specialized in inflatable boats, outboard engines, and long trips.

Enjoy the many videos of these fascinating Rigid Inflatables Boats (RIBs).

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Ribco Blade 29 RIB

Ribco Blade 29, will be ready for delivery from June 2022.

She replaces the very well-known R 28s which was known for the very fast, smooth and efficient hull.

Blade 29 has a hull which is the evolution of R 28 s and a newly developed deck inspired from Seafarer 33 with enhanced space and features compare to the predecessor.

Blade 29 can be fitted a single engine of up to 450 Hp or a pair of two engines with up to 2 x 225 Hp.

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RIB Ribco Seafarer 33

Seafarer 33 is filling the gap between the Seafarer 36 and R 28. Our target was to combine the characteristics of those two models.

From the one side the Luxury, comfort and offshore abilities of the Seafarer 36 and from the other the athletic style and flexibility of the R 28.

Produced exclusively with outboard engines can be fitted with a single outboard of 350 Hp to even 2×350 Hp for the enthusiasts of speed.

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