RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search and Rescue Respects

A Search and Rescue RIBCRAFT

The RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search & Rescue is a versatile and reliable Rigid Inflatable Boat designed for demanding search and rescue operations.

With its 8.5-meter length, deep-V hull, and integrated electronics, it is well-known for its manoeuvrability and stability in rough seas.

The spacious deck, multiple seating options, and self-bailing system ensure a comfortable working environment.

The RIB is designed to accommodate multiple crew members and rescue personnel.

It has a large open deck space that can be customized with various seating configurations and equipment mounts.

This RIBCRAFT also incorporates a self-bailing deck system, ensuring rapid water drainage and maintaining a dry working environment.

RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search and Rescue HIAL @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO in action

Powered by two high-performance Suzuki outboard engines, it enables rapid response and extended range.

Here are more videos of RIBCRAFT RIBs.

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