Two Revenger 29 Mk2 RIBs to Corsica 2009 in 4K

Crossing from Cannes to Saint Florent by 2 Revenger 29 Mk2 RIBs model 2009.

Particularly well defined by their owners, their equipment classifies them as top-of-the-range, high-performance boats.

I’ve posted this video earlier here but this one is the improved version.

What happened to Revenger RIBs, built for speed?

I picked this up from the Revenger Facebook group by Arwin Boering for which I’m grateful:
“Hello Karel. Revenger boat company closed down in 2015 due to lack of sales and spiralling costs etc, etc. Only this year the moulds were bought from Ribeye (who bought them from Revenger but were not able to use them) by a boat company in Greece who plan to continue on with the brand.”

The Revenger RIB hull and deck moulds have been acquired by Theodosios Rigas of Powerboat Centre in Athens, Greece.

The preparation of these boats was carried out in Lorient by SAS (Brittany, France).

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