The New Tecnorib Pirelli P50

Tecnorib Pirelli P50 Ted Mannerfelt hull

In 1978, Ocke Mannerfelt founded the Sweden based Mannerfelt Design Team.

Since 2006, his son Ted has taken responsibility for all the designs produced by the successful studio, including the highly acclaimed Pirelli Walkaround Collection.

The collection debuted with the P42 in 2020, followed by the introduction of the P35. Due to an exceptionally high number of requests, the studio responded by introducing the P50.

You can find the specs here.

The New Tecnorib Pirelli P50 shot @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Below deck of the Tecnorib Pirelli P50

The video was published on the Nauta Channel on YouTube.

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