Pirelli P50 Mannerfelt Hull 2x 600 hp Verado

Exclusive Review of the new amazing Pirelli P50, a big Rib built in Italy by Tecnorib. Location: Cannes, France, 2022.

The famous Mannerfelt Design Team, with a wealth of experience in the construction of stepped hulls, designed this twin-stepped hull.

In this interview with Pirelli’s Designer Ted Mannerfelt you can find lots of extra information about this big RIB.

Want to see more Pirelli videos, hit this link and enjoy the rides.


LOA15.20 m
Width4.7 m
TubesORCA 866
HullStepped Hull
Fuel1,600 L
Water400 L
Passengers Capacity14
DesignerMannerfelt Design Team

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