The 50-Knot Explorer Ballistic XP80 Sea Trial

Explorer Ballistic XP80 the Ultimate Adventure RIB?

Alex Smith from Motor Boat & Yachting takes a deep dive in the Rigid Inflatable Boat from Ballistic RIBs.

Ballistic Ribs has gained fame for its sea-going boats built to tackle South African waters.

The XP 80 stands out from traditional Ballistic models with its innovative design.

The RIB features a unique transom arrangement with a swim platform and low-level furniture, expanding deck space for leisure use.

It offers a convertible sun pad, spacious dining area, and a hidden berth for two.

The 50-Knot Explorer Ballistic XP80 berth @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
The Explorer Ballistic XP80 berth

The boat’s versatility extends to water sports, fishing, and storage options, including a paddleboard rack.

Powered by a Yamaha F300 engine, it reaches impressive speeds, of 50 knots but fuel efficiency varies with the cruising speed.

As an adventure RIB the model could do with a larger fuel tank. Check out more Ballistic RIB videos here.

This video was published on the Motor Boat & Yachting YouTube channel


Overall length 8 m
Overall beam2.5 m
Internal beam1.52 m
Tube diameter460 mm
No. of chambers5
Tube materialOrca
Maximum hp400 hp
Fuel tank225 l
Weight (inc. trailer)2,600 kg
Maximum seating12
Top speed on test48 knots
Fuel consumption @ 20 knots29 l/h
Range @ 20 knots124 nm
Noise: level @ 20 knots 90.5 d(B)A
Price as tested: £ 157,637 (inc. VAT, 2023 June))
CE categoryC
Explorer Ballistic XP80

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