Breakthrough Composite Material DANU™



In mid-2020, ExoTechnologies acquired 360 Quantillion, an innovative and specialist composite materials research organisation.

This collaboration of advanced composite material expertise and specialist engineering knowledge has developed a pioneering resource efficiency technology called DANU™ which is capable of accelerating the green transition to circularity for composite material used in maritime craft, ballistic resistance, wind turbine blades, automotive solutions, aircraft construction, food processing etc.

So far, the development team has already produced a full-scoped maritime craft solution and ballistic resistant solution ready for scalable production to commercialise this novel technology.

DANU™ has exceptional strength capable of being recovered, recycled and reused repeatedly.

Get in touch with Chief Innovations Officer at ExoTechnologies, Jeroen Wats to take a dive into its mission about sustainability, resource-efficiency and circular economy.

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