RIB RIBCRAFT 850 Sports Twin Suzuki Amazes

The 850 Sports Excels

The British built RIBCRAFT 850 Sports Rigid Inflatable Boat offers a practical blend of speed, stability, and design. Ideal for those craving a straightforward yet exciting experience on the water, it’s a reliable companion for various maritime activities.

The design prioritizes functionality, making it suitable for a range of uses, from recreational cruising to more demanding applications like rescue operations or support for water-based events.

Onboard, the layout typically accommodates seating for passengers, providing comfort during extended journeys. The design also allows for customization based on specific user requirements, emphasising the boat’s adaptability.

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RIB RIBCRAFT 850 Sports Twin Suzuki @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIB RIBCRAFT 850 Sports Twin Suzuki

✓ Overall Length: 8.5 m
✓ Overall Beam: 2.8 m
✓ Internal Length: 7.5 m
✓ Internal Beam: 1.7 m
✓ Maximum Horsepower: 600
✓ Maximum Number of People: 20

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