Hydrotab’s New Composite 300SR Trim Tabs

New Composite 300SR Trim Tabs Test

This test was performed by our Greeks friends at e-Ribbing with a SeaFighter powered bij twin 350 Suzukis.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) maintained a slower speed while resting on the plane, with its bow noticeably lower, all without a significant increase in fuel consumption.

Reducing the new composite 300SR trim tabs by 50%, they observed a 3-second reduction in planning time with minimal bow elevation during takeoff.

Following this, they concentrated on recordings during low cruise speeds, typical for most of a daily travel. Maintaining the engine trim at a constant 40%, they began to experiment with the placement of the vertical 300SR trim tabs.

It became evident that with the trim tabs fully raised, the bow consistently assumed a significantly high position, making it impossible to achieve a satisfactory cruise within the 15 to 25-knot range.

(Meet the test team below.)

On the contrary, when the trim tabs were lowered by 50-70%, the RIB’s behavior underwent a complete transformation.

The bow significantly lowered, the hull began efficiently cutting through the water from its frontal section, resulting in a smoother cruise and an improved cruising angle.

To their surprise, they discovered that while traveling at 23 knots, reducing the trim tabs by 50% led to a 2-knot speed increase without a corresponding rise in fuel consumption, thereby enhancing overall fuel efficiency.

It became evident that they possessed a valuable tool that allowed anyone to navigate comfortably at lower speeds, enhancing both fuel efficiency and the quality of the ride—crucial factors, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

e-ribbing Hydrotab's New Composite 300SR Trim Tabs @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
e-ribbing test team with the new composite 300SR trim tabs

This video was published on the e-Ribbing. com YouTube channel

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