Sillinger RIBs in France News

Sillinger RIBs in France News @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Hull production “Made in France”

“Thanks to our partners PRS and AXCIAL Composites located within a radius of 100 kms, we (Sillinger) have relocated in France 100% of the manufacturing of our polyester hulls produced in 2021.

These collaborations ensure us a great reactivity and the guarantee of a high quality.”

All the best of RIBs ONLY!

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SEAir Air Shark 765 Demonstration on a RIB

Going out at sea next to Lorient with the Air Shark 765! The flying boats developed by SEAir are fully capable of operating in rough seas, as shown in this demonstration, where wave troughs could reach up to 80 cm.

The Air Shark 765 is a semi-rigid flying boat born from the collaboration between SEAir and Sillinger and equipped with retractable and electrically adjustable hydrofoils.

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