BSC B-1 Review of This Rigid Inflatable Boat

BSC B-1 Impresses

The video showcases the Rigid Inflatable Boat, the BSC B-1, which is part of the new B series produced by the Italian based BSC shipyard.

The video is in Italian, but you can enable subtitles in your preferred language. Here‘s a brief guide on how to do that.

The RIB is 8 meters long and features two spacious swim platforms integrated into the hull.

Access to the boat is through a corridor on the left side.

The rear area of the BSC B-1 has a large sofa with a table base, which can be removed to create an aft sunbed.

There’s also an outdoor galley with a traditional stove and a refrigerator on wheels.

The seating consists of a two-seater sofa with adjustable backrests, and there are handles on both sides of the console for stability during navigation.

The co-pilot area is on the right side of the boat, and there are instrument panels, a stereo, and on/off buttons for convenience.

The front of the BSC B-1 has a sun lounger that conceals a spacious compartment usable as a changing room.

Rigid Inflatable Boat BSC B-1 Review @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Rigid Inflatable Boat BSC B-1 Review

The sunbed is configured in a triangular shape with storage compartments, and the front section has an inspection compartment for the anchor and windlass.

Overall, the BSC B-1 offers comfort and practicality for navigation and relaxation.

This video was published on the BSC COLZANI YouTube channel.


LengthCE 7.87 m / FT 8.33 m
Width3.06 m
PersonsCat B: 14 / Cat C: 16
Tube diameter0.58 m
Air chambers5
Weight1,500 kg
Power300 hp / 350 hp (optional)
Fuel300 l

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