Make Waves With Us – RIBs ONLY Flag Discounted!

the RIBs ONLY Flag
Get your RIBs ONLY Flag

The RIBs ONLY Flag

Don’t miss the opportunity to get an extra birthday discount on the flag! This offer is valid until May 10th 2023!

Use this code to get your flag at € 15 instead of € 23!



It’s 50 cm long (19.6 in) and 25 cm high (9.8 in), with a loop at the top left and two strings at the bottom for easy attachment.

Its bold design will have you sailing in style! So get ready to go out on the water on your next adventure with this RIBs ONLY flag flying proudly.

An here’s how to fly your flags properly.


Shipping is €5 worldwide, unless we meet in person, in which case no extra costs are due.

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