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the RIBs ONLY Flag
Get your RIBs ONLY Flag

The RIBs ONLY Flag

Don’t miss the opportunity to get an extra birthday discount on the flag! This offer is valid until May 10th 2023!

Use this code to get your flag at € 15 instead of € 23!



It’s 50 cm long (19.6 in) and 25 cm high (9.8 in), with a loop at the top left and two strings at the bottom for easy attachment.

Its bold design will have you sailing in style! So get ready to go out on the water on your next adventure with this RIBs ONLY flag flying proudly.

An here’s how to fly your flags properly.


Shipping is €5 worldwide, unless we meet in person, in which case no extra costs are due.

Visit the webshop for more offers.

Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazines Free Download

Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazines in the Shop Free Download @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazines in the Shop Free Download

Our shop has now expanded with the most recent magazines of the Belgian Pneumaticlub to download for free.

Some background information

The magazine is in French.

In line with the objectives of its founder, Michel de Hemptinne fonde le Belgian Pneumaticlub (BPC) en 1976, the Club offers many nautical activities in inland and maritime waters and thus continues to promote the versatility of this type of boat which is enjoying growing success with the public.

The club is also the pleasure of being on the water with friends, of participating and learning to organize navigations that we would not undertake alone. Without forgetting the additional safety potential offered by navigation in a “flotilla”.

Each year, the Club draws up a calendar of outings intended to meet everyone’s expectations: maritime or inland navigation, day or multi-day, in Belgium or abroad, nautical holidays, etc.

Where they are

Siège Social et Club-House
Chaussée de Vilvorde, 172
B-1120 Bruxelles

On the Web


Check it: New RIBs ONLY Goodies in our Shop

Check it: New RIBs ONLY Goodies in our Shop @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

The RIBs ONLY shop has been around for some time now. I only had two kind of badges to sell: a pin and a magnet. And now it’s time to add some goodies.

In addition to these RIBs ONLY badges, I now also offer a boat flag in the shop. It is 50 cm long (19,69 inch) and 25 cm high (9,84 inch). Let this flag fly proudly on your RIB.

The offer also includes a green sticker with white text. The dimensions are 10cm x 10cm (3,94 inch x 3,94 inch).

It is interesting for you especially if you don’t have any metal parts on your RIB to use the magnetic badge to declare your membership of RIBs ONLY. The sticker only costs € 1 (without shipping and handling).

So now a total of 4 products can be bought from our RIBs ONLY shop.

Many thanks for your support!

Order Your RIBs ONLY Badge Now!

How to recognize another RIBs ONLY fan? Simply by wearing this RIBs ONLY Badge.

It is 56 mm finished with a brilliant layer on top so it can take some rain or spray. There is a pin version and a magnetic one. I ship worldwide.

How to get one? Check out the shop. Wear it and share your selfie in our Facebook group while stating your Rigid Inflatable Boat and engine brand. That would be great!