Captains Trapped in Impressive Waves

Cause of These Impressive Waves

The Passe du Boucarot in Capbreton, France is known for its awe-inspiring waves and powerful shore breaks.

The waters off the coast of Capbreton are home to a remarkable deep and expansive canyon.

This geological wonder was formed by the powerful movements of tectonic plates between France and Spain, leaving behind this impressive natural feature.

Captains Trapped in Impressive Waves @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Impressive waves to tackle

The sea floor undergoes a rapid elevation as it approaches the coast, resulting in treacherous waves at the entrance of the inlet.

This phenomenon explains why caution must be exercised when navigating these waters (you can train yourself).

With the combination of precise tidal movements, powerful currents caused by the imposing canyon, and the added challenge of large waves crashing onto the shore, venturing into the inlet can pose significant risks.

And sometimes it is better to say “no” like what was the skipper of the Evok thinking with kids on board…

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