Do the New Regulations Hack Towing Your RIB?

Vanclaes trailers and Gemini RIBs 2018 Route du Rhum
Vanclaes trailers and Gemini RIB

Will towing your RIB will become a problem in the near future? I need a new future oriented car to tow my RIB. But it’s a big problem nowadays due to new regulations.

Some day I will have to part from my 4×4 Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 D because of the emission standards. But it stil does what it’s made for. Do I really have to sell it now or wait?


But in more and more places, cities, countries … there are low emission zones (LEZ) now. Only cars with Euro 6 are admitted (in Belgium as we speak). We can discuss the sense and nonsense of LEZ here but hey, they’re there.

In some cases you can pay a fee to enter these spots without getting fined. I have a hard time with the fact that if you pay the fee the emissions problem is solved.


More and more car brands like Volvo turn to hybrid and full electric cars in the near future and wil stop building cars running on petrol or diesel (recycled dinosaurs as I see it). In 2030 Volvo will only build electric cars. Will they be capable of towing a boat?

Other car brands will follow Volvo’s vision undeniably, the future has only electric cars it seems…

Towing capacity

Though I am willing to do my part for a better environment, the European electric cars are no match for my Nissan Patrol when it comes to towing capacity. But will a full electric car be able to tow my RIB and the ones to come?

I found an article describing 10 contemporary electric cars and their towing capacity. As I thought, it’s downright disappointing.

Is there a solution at hand or are we going to a dead end?


Let’s look on the other site of the pond. Can the Tesla Cybertruck offer “the” solution? Will we be driving this truck to tow our RIB to new and exciting spots? Can we afford it?

Is This The End of Towing Your RIB? @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Is the Tesla cybertruck our future solution?

Take a look at its specs and especially the towing capacity that ranges from 3,402 to 6,350 kg. Is that car then the ultimate solution for us? Can it enable our freedom of movement?

When it comes down to the price I noticed in the past that electric cars were extremely expensive or downright ugly.

The Tesla Cybertruck is an odd one out. It will cost from $40,000 (€ 33,911) for a single motor, two-wheel-drive model, while the top quick tri-motor version will set you back more like $70,000 (€ 59,345). But you get then a 4×4.

At this moment 300,000 people pre-ordered it … Unofficial sources speak of more the 1,2 million pre-orders.

While these prices seem more or less accessible, they are American. Moreover, I do not yet know whether this car and its versions will be approved by Europe. The other models are already for sale here.

“If you want to produce vehicles or vehicle parts, you need certificates that show that your products meet all the rules and quality standards: homologation certificates.”

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