Install Additional Seating or Storage on a RIB

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The Need for Additional Seating or Storage

Sometimes you feel the need for extras on your RIB. From gadgets to right down necessary expansions.

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I hope this how-to blog post may act as an inspiration for your needs and wishes. And remember, safety comes first!

1. Enhancing Your RIB: Adding Seating and Storage Options

Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) are esteemed for their adaptability, resilience, and aquatic performance. That we all know.

Yet, many boat owners ponder the feasibility of augmenting their RIBs with additional seating or storage options.

The affirmative response is that indeed, you can enhance your boat with supplementary seating and storage provisions, and there exist diverse methods to achieve this goal.

2. Installing Detachable Options

A straightforward technique for incorporating seating onto your RIB involves installing detachable options like fold-down seats or benches. Check the safety of these enhancements.

These fixtures can be securely affixed to the boat’s deck employing stainless steel bolts or mounting brackets.

Removable seating offers versatility, empowering you to tailor the boat’s layout according to the specific requirements of each excursion.

But safety could be an issue if not fastened correctly. Additional seating or storage needs quite( some bit of attention.

3. Integrating Modular Seating Systems

Another favoured avenue for augmenting seating capacity on a Rigid Inflatable Boat is by integrating modular seating systems.

These systems feature individual seats or benches that can be rearranged or removed at will.

Certain modular designs also boast built-in storage compartments underneath, optimising spatial efficiency on your vessel.

4. Extra Storage Is Always Welcome

Regarding enhancing storage capabilities, RIB owners have access to an array of inventive solutions.

A prevalent method involves installing deck boxes or storage bins firmly onto the boat’s deck or within the console area.

These receptacles serve as secure repositories for gear, equipment, or personal effects, ensuring their orderly storage and easy accessibility during boating endeavours.

Moreover, you can leverage under-seat storage compartments or lockers to maximise space utilisation on your RIB.

These compartments can be either custom-crafted or procured as aftermarket accessories, furnishing ample room to stow life jackets, fishing tackle, tools, and other essentials without cluttering the deck.

5. Considerations

Prior to embarking on any modifications to your RIB, it is imperative to factor in considerations such as weight distribution, stability, and overall safety. Always keep those things in mind.

It is essential to ensure that any supplementary seating or storage installations are firmly anchored and do not compromise the structural integrity of the vessel.

Conclusion on Additional Seating or Storage

In summation, enriching your rigid inflatable boat with extra seating and storage options can markedly enhance comfort and functionality on the water.

Whether opting for detachable seating, modular systems, or innovative storage solutions, tailoring your RIB to suit your needs is entirely achievable with prudent planning and execution.

If you’re a handy man, get all the info you need to make the enhancements strong en safe enough.

When installing Additional Seating or Storage keep in mind the stability of your RIB because if not addressed correctly it could have an influence on navigating.

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So, embrace your ingenuity, and transform your RIB into the ultimate vessel for your exploration and adventures!

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