Ullman Steering Bar System MK2.5

Check out the Ullman Steering Bar System MK2.5. If you want to be innovative you have to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

Then you have to design it, 3D print it or make a mock-up, test it again, get feedback, design it again, test again etc. until there is a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be installed in a boat.

Then comes the practical test. Depending on the outcomes, the proces starts again. This is how I do it in my line of work.

Too many people forget that before we can buy seats, RIBs, engines etc. there was a whole process before.

Sometimes this process comes with significant investments. So when you buy such things, you buy a lot of experience and craftsmanship as well. Quality comes at a price.

Ullman is known for its innovations and very thorough testing to provide the the most tested and best shock absorbing seats on the market. They have decades of experience.

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