Highfield Patrol 660 Black Edition

The All-Black Patrol 660

The Patrol series of high-quality commercial RIBs is crafted to perform superbly, whether utilized as a long-distance family cruiser or a rugged work boat.

Engineered to endure the most challenging conditions, these vessels are built for durability.

I have uploaded additional videos for your pleasure, offering you a variety of Highfield Rigid Inflatable Boats.

This video was published on the Highfield Boat YouTube channel

Proud to share that Highfield is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.


Highfield Patrol 660 Black Edition wave @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Highfield Patrol 660 Black Edition wave
Overall length6.51 m21′ 4″
Internal length4.75 m15′ 7″
Overall width2.59 m8′ 6″
Internal width1.35 m4′ 5″
Dead rise26°
Tube diameter54 cm21″
Number of air chambers6
Maximum load1,535 kg3,384 lb
Maximum people13
Boat only weight780 kg1,720 lb
Maximum power200 hp
Engine shaftXL
Fuel tank140 l36.9 gal
Design categoryC

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