Highfield Patrol 760 Very Complete Review

Highfield Patrol 760 a Workhorse

The Highfield Patrol 760 Rigid Inflatable Boat is a robust commercial boat designed for serious work and transportation.

The RIB offers various configurations, with ample storage and secure seating for multiple passengers.

It undergoes rigorous testing and certifications for durability as shown in the video.

Despite its ruggedness, it has premium features like comfortable seating and optional foam decking.

The boat is powered by a Honda 250 outboard engine, offering excellent performance, fuel economy, and quiet operation.

It has a 26-degree hull for offshore running. The boat’s handling is responsive and nimble, though not as quick as smaller models. But speed is not the essence here.

It provides confidence for long-distance navigation and has a decent fuel range.

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Highfield Patrol 760 Very Complete Review @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The Highfield Patrol 760 looks larger

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