7.4 m Inboard Super Yacht Tender

A Sleek Super Yacht Tender

This video is about a full custom 7.4 m Inboard super yacht tender by Ribeye Boats.

This utility tender was built to be the workhorse of the fleet, with performance, function and durability as its key attributes. Ribeye made sure that it also complemented the stylish and contemporary look of its ‘mothership’, adding to its appeal.

The Ribeye Inboard Tenders offer a bunch of propulsion systems and are available in length from 5-10 meters.

Here are videos of tender RIBs of different brands.

7.4 m Inboard Super Yacht Tender @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Ribeye 7.4 m tender

This video was published on the Ribeye Boats YouTube channel.

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