Awesome RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo

RIB Rally Bahamas 2011

Get a glimpse of the exciting RIB Rally event in Bahamas from 2011.

Watch the fast-paced video to experience all the amazing things that happened at this awesome event!

And yes, there is also a women’s team participating.

It’s in Duch but you can use the YouTube subtitling tool set in your own language.

This video is absolutely fun to watch and is fantastically edited to make this Rib Rally event look like the most fun and thrilling experience for all those who love boating and exploring!

And it is!

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RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIB Rally Bahamas 2011 Promo

This video was published on the OffShoreRibRally785 YouTube channel.

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