All New Nordkapp Airborne 7 Rigid Inflatable Boat

New Line of RIBs

The Norwegian design has been diligently incorporated into this new Nordkapp Airborne 7, a completely new series of Rigid Inflatable Boats according to Hans Petter Slang, CEO of Frydenbø Marine.

This Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Nordkapp Airborne 7 with its fiberglass hull, is designed to ensure a secure cornering.

This creates G-forces that keep you in the boat and enhance your level of comfort.

It boasts tailor-made slim tubes and a (typical green) windshield for added comfort and convenience.

This model is the middle between the Airborne 6.3 and 8.

Get a glimpse of these features in this video. I’ve posted more vides of this RIB here.

About Nordkapp

Nordkapp has been manufacturing sports boats since 1966 and has gained international fame for winning awards and high quality standards. The fast console boats and are being developed in Norway, near the North Cape.


Length6.80 m
Width2.53 m
Net weight900 kg
Boat height1.98 m
Fuel capacit200 l
Max engine250 hp
Stem lengthExtra long
Max persons10
CE categoryB

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