Yamaha Motor Acquires Torqeedo: A Bold Expansion

Yamaha Motor Acquires Torqeedo A Bold Expansion @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Yamaha Motor Acquires Torqeedo A Bold Expansion

Many of our readers are familiar with various outboard fabrication companies, including Torqeedo.

A significant acquisition in the world of outboard motors has just taken place.

This press release was published on Linkedin; 19 January 2024.

Yamaha Motor Acquires Torqeedo

“Yamaha motor acquires electric marine propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo.

Yamaha Motor is pleased to announce we have recently signed a stock purchase agreement with Germany’s DEUTZ AG, to acquire all shares of Torqeedo, pending the clearances, permits, etc. required by competition laws and other regulations.

With Torqeedo being an industry leader in electric marine propulsion, Yamaha aims to strengthen its development capabilities in the electric field supporting Yamaha Marine’s CASE Strategy.

CASE is an acronym for Connected, Autonomous, Shared Services and Electrification.

The acquisition of Torqeedo additionally supports Yamaha’s efforts to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

Electrification is a component of Yamaha’s multiple technology approach to reducing carbon, which includes sustainable fuels and the expansion of hydrogen.”

Long rumored, but now a definite reality: Yamaha Motor Acquires Torqeedo.

I’ve posted some more articles about the eelctric outboards of Torqeedo.

About Torqeedo

Established: 2005
Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Representatives: CEO: Fabian Bez
Employees: Approx. 230
Business: The manufacture and sale of electric outboard and inboard marine engines, pod drives, hybrid systems, batteries, and other accessories

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