RNLI Marks its Astounding 200th Anniversary

RNLI Marks its 200th Anniversary @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
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RNLI Means Royal National Lifeboat Institution

In 2024, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution celebrates its remarkable 200th anniversary.

This milestone will be commemorated with a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey in London, scheduled for March.

The core consists of volunteers, constituting the majority of our dedicated individuals.

Since its establishment in 1824, it has been a beacon of lifesaving service, having rescued a minimum of 144,000 lives.

Throughout the centuries, this honorable undertaking has undergone a transformative evolution, progressing from the wooden, oar-propelled boats of bygone eras to the contemporary, motor-powered, all-weather vessels employed in the present day.

Stay updated on the RNLI’s most recent launches with the information provided on this page.

I feel honored to count numerous RNLI lifeguards among the members of our Facebook group.

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The beginning

Sir William Hillary envisioned a service committed to rescuing lives at sea, and on March 4, 1824, this vision materialized into reality.

Residing in Douglas on the Isle of Man, Sir William Hillary, having witnessed numerous shipwrecks, collaborated with locals to save lives.

Motivated by these experiences, he was resolute in his determination to extend their life-saving efforts.

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