World launch of Two New High-Performance Craft From Ultimate Boats

Ultimate Boats is proud to announce the much-anticipated world launch of two new high-performance and high-specification craft.

This premiere took place during the boat show at the Southampton Boat Show 2021, at 5 pm on Friday 10 September 2021 on the Suzuki stand to be exact.

These are truly impressive boats, which really do have to be seen to be appreciated.

Below you’ll find more impressive details on these high-performance RIBs, built in Scotland and designed by John Moxham.

World launch of Two New High-Performance Craft From The Ultimate Boat Company @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Ultimate Boats – 11m X-CLASS in action

New 11m X-CLASS – built to explore 

Customers can plan their next adventure in luxury and comfort with the new high-performance X-CLASS model.

Its innovative and patented hull technology slices through rough water effortlessly and its intuitive handling and exceptional sea-keeping abilities ensure that passengers can relax and enjoy the experience. 

The X-CLASS has been designed to be the perfect blend of functionality and high-end specification which gives it a reassuringly purposeful feel.

Its advanced hull technology, robust monocoque structure, intelligent ergonomics and superior shock mitigation technology provides a more comfortable environment for its crew and passengers over extended passages. 

The fit, finish and detail of the deck and wheelhouse configuration can be tailored to each customer’s bespoke requirements meaning that every X-CLASS is optimised for purpose. 

New 13m O-CLASS – built for offshore 

This new demonstrator model from Ultimate Boats is based on a professional operator/crew transfer concept, but it has been upgraded and benefits from a full luxury pack, which includes top of the range electronics, teak decking throughout, insulated cabin and a whole host of other extras. 

This offshore high-performance craft has been specifically designed and engineered as a ‘heavy-lift’ commercial vessel.

Its intelligent ergonomics and superior shock mitigation technology provides a safer working environment for professional crew at sea for extended periods.

Extra-wide gunwales, incorporating a durable anti-slip coating, make stepping up to a ladder or dockside easier and safer.

The spacious ‘best in class’ deck areas are enclosed by high vertical sides which provide enhanced security and confidence for the crew when operating in big seas. 

Patented Hull Technology 

Both boats benefit from revolutionary and patented hull technology that introduces compression or hydraulic lift resulting in vastly superior load carrying, manoeuvrability, performance, and stability – all of which are essential for serious offshore craft such as these. 

Hydraulic lift is generated by the ‘Moxham Retaining Rails’ that modify and then manipulate waterflow beneath the craft.

The hull improves waterflow across the propellers, increasing grip to achieve superior manoeuvrability and tighter turning with little loss of speed. 

It also introduces a major practical advantage by enabling the helm to easily maintain a constant visual on the horizon through its linear transition onto the plane, derived by mitigating stern squat and associated bow lift.

Overall, the groundbreaking hull design features deliver intuitive handling, exceptional seakeeping, and greater directional stability.

About the Ultimate Boat Company and innovation

Ultimate Boats, in conjunction with its parent company ExoTechnologies, is also pioneering a new fully recyclable and sustainable composite material for its high-performance boat hulls. 

The material, named ExoMarine™, the marine variant of DANU™ has been created as an alternative to glass reinforced plastic (GRP), to combat the growing problem of landfill. 

This natural core material comprises a combination of styrene-free resin and sustainable fibres, is stronger and lighter than fibreglass and less brittle than carbon fibre.

Crucially, its cost is comparable with traditional materials, and no additional manufacturing or labour costs are required. 

They are both powered by twin Suzuki DF350A dual-propeller outboards and will be on display on the Suzuki berths (M705 and M748) at the Southampton Boat Show.

For more information onUltimate Boats’ boat range, visit:

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