Williams DieselJet 505 SOLAS Testing

I always find these kinds of tests very impressive and well worth watching. This time it’s a Williams RIB that is put to the test.

This video shows numerous tests a RIB must pass in order to be approved.

I have more videos of these kind of tests here on RIBs ONLY. Like this ones from GEMINI, Ribeye and Sportis to name a few.

This one is my absolute favourite. It’s a slam tests from a RIB … that never slams: it’s a Rafnar. Awesome video by our member Tom Bettle.

About these tests

SOLAS has been around for some time. The main objective of the SOLAS Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships, compatible with their safety.

2 Thoughts to “Williams DieselJet 505 SOLAS Testing”

  1. Paul Mahy

    Is the area directly below the self righting bag supposed to open up?

  2. Karel Overlaet, Medianaut

    Hi Paul
    Yes, I saw it too. Perhaps it is not blocking to pass the test. Anyway, that doesn’t look good.

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