Thrilling New SALPA SOLEIL 24.5

A New Salpa

This video showcases a review of the Rigid Inflatable Boat Salpa Soleil 24.5 by the Italian based Salpa Yachts. The test took place in Posillipo, Naples, Italy by Bacci Del Buono.

Salpa Shipyard has delivered notable results, producing 500 inflatable boats and manufacturing 150 in the past year (2023).

The video is all about testing the quality of the latest model, the Salpa Soleil 24.5, in the Gulf of Naples.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), positioned between the Sale 23 and Sale 26 models, boasts expansive stern platforms, comfortable interior features, and safety measures, including watertight bulkheads.

The helm and navigation system integrate practical features, although off-center weight distribution is addressed by strategic battery placement.

The fuel consumption during the on-water performance test is detailed, particularly at its remarkable top speed of 46.8 knots.

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This video was published on THE BOAT SHOW YouTube channel

Proud to share that Brugge Marine Center (BMC) is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.


New SALPA SOLEIL 24.5 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

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