The Puma Racing Team Invites You!

Puma Racing Team - Belgium @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Puma Racing Team – Belgium

Our Belgian Puma Racing Team invites you on Saturday, May 28th from 15:00 to their team day. It will be a fantastic day, knowing team owner en manager Xavier Derille.

The ambitious team races internationally and has won the European Championship in 2021, a super achievement. It is there that skills evolve and the powerboats and engines are put to the test.

Real offshore racing is a feast for the eyes and ears, I must admit.

International racing places high demands on the drivers, the hardware and the management. You need a fair amount of money as well. And it must be said, the pilots can rely on great sponsors and a powerful fan base.

Above all, it requires many hours of training, a high degree of technical skills and sacrifices. Few people are aware of this. Xavier and co-pilot Jeroen Haverbeke have that indispensable determination.

No doubt this team day will be awesome and their impressive RIB is on display as well. RIBs ONLY will be there as well.

The location is: Kouter 250, 9800 Deinze, Belgium. Need more info or interested in sponsoring, contact Xavier .

Let’s meet!

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